Dean Forge Dartmoor W5


Supply and Install with chimney liner and fittings. Stove only RRP £886.20 (wood burning only)

The Dartmoor W5 has been developed to provide a wide door 5kw stove. An ideal choice for smaller rooms with larger fireplaces.

This compact, robust fire incorporates a straightforward air wash system providing a clearer view of the fire helping to clean unwanted deposits from the glass after the fire has been on periods of slumber. Also, it has a spinning primary air control, to give direct control over the burning rate. A Kit is available to convert the wood burner model to burn fossil fuels for a later date. A Rear Heat Protection Plate can be installed, reducing the safe distance to combustible materials, from the rear of the stove., and a Base Protection Plate is available, helping to reduce the hearth temperature when fitting onto a non-constructional hearth.

Wood burner and Multi Fuel models with riddling grate available. Domestic hot water boiler can be installed in the Dartmoor 5, prior to installation. Approved for use in smoke controlled areas with DEFRA kit fitted.

The options of an easily fitted drop-in riddling grate and heat deflector shields, completes a great all round specification for this popular 5 kW stove.


  • Powerful air wash system
  • Wider door than the Dartmoor 5, but with the same 5kW nominal output
  • Woodburning and Multifuel models available
  • Approved for use in smoke controlled areas with DEFRA kit fitted
  • Kits available to convert the woodburner model to burn fossil fuels
  • Black handle as standard or Stainless Steel option at additional cost


Nominal Output: 5kW
Fuel Type: Wood
Efficiency: 80.6%
Optional Integral Boiler: No
Optional Saddle Boiler: No
Optional Flat Back Boiler: 9,000BTU


Height: 640mm
Width: 565mm
Depth: 290mm
Standard Leg Length: 105mm (4″)
Flue Size: 125mm (5″)
Flue Centre Top: 103mm
Flue Centre Rear: 475mm

Distance to combustibles

Rear of Stove: 900mm
Side of Stove: 600mm
With Rear Heat Shield: 475mm

Available Extras

Choice of 9 colours
Stainless Steel handle
Multifuel converter kit
Rear and Base protection plates